Friday, June 24, 2011

Opening Windows and Doors

Pride shows its head in hundreds of ways and is disguised sometimes even as a virtue. A woman once asked me a gospel question. In order to answer her question I needed to back up and explain a point that laid the foundation so that she could understand the answer to her questions. But as I started to explain, she thought I was moving on to a new subject and quickly stopped me. “No, don’t tell me anything else,” she said. “I want to learn it myself so I can experience that ahh-hha moment of discovery.” So our conversation ended.

I’ve often thought of that encounter and wondered how often I’ve cut short what I could have learned because of pride.

There is so very much to learn and that’s one of the reasons God has given us parents, teachers, friends and others who can help us. We can't possible learn it all ourselves. When others teach us what they know it opens up new doors and windows of possibility which leads us on to new things to learn. In other words, there will always be plenty to learn. And all new things learned lead to new possibilities of implementing gospel principles in our lives and making us better people. The more we can learn and the faster we learn it the better.

So build yourself a house of learning with lots of windows and doors and let anyone who can open them up for you. Then rejoice in the new view you have!

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