Thursday, June 2, 2011

Following Jesus

Several times Jesus Christ asks us to do the same things he has done. It is easy to see how you and I can comfort, teach, forgive, nurture, and encourage as He did, but one of the main things He did is heal. My first thought was that I couldn’t do that, but then as I pondered about it more I realized that there are many ways that I can reach out to others and heal. I know that often others have “healed” me.

The word heal means “to make sound or whole.” While it is true that I cannot give someone who is blind sight and make them whole in that way, I can guide them or do things for them that heal them from some of the problems caused by their blindness so that they can function in a sound way. I can’t raise the dead, but I can serve and comfort those who have lost a loved one and help heal their sorrow. 

There are a lot of physical things I can’t heal, but I can love, support, encourage and serve those who do have physical ailments so that they are healed from the emotional burdens that accompany their ailments and I can help make their physical burdens lighter. 

While it is true that I can’t follow the Savior and do what He did exactly, I can do what He did in my own ways and according to my capacities. And I think that’s all He asks of us. If we do all we can in whatever way we can we are doing what He did.

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