Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Down With Worry!

Problems and worries are like a pesky fly that you shake off but it just buzzes around and lands on you again. The buzzing is as annoying as the tickle when it lands, but the point is that no matter how you try to concentrate on something else or to not think about the fly, it is always buzzing. Problems and worries are the same.

But there is a secret that helps get rid of them like a flyswatter gets rid of a fly. Write down your problems. It is a worry swatter. When something keeps running through your mind so that you can’t concentrate on other things and you feel the worry sending its tentacles of fear through you, stop and write down in as much detail as you can what you are feeling and why. Then step back and notice how the worry is now out of you and on the paper. It is a like a Sudoku puzzle just sitting there waiting to be solved. Then go about your day leaving the worry on the paper.

Worrying never brings a solution. Worry only pushes you into the Pit of Illusion. Time and inspiration bring solutions. By writing things down, we get the static worry creates out of our heads. And with the worry gone it is surprising how solutions present themselves to the cleared out mind—the mind that is Living in Truth.

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Wendi said...

I agree that writing things down is a good way to decrease worry. Thanks for this reminder. :)