Monday, October 10, 2011

Savor the Good

The Savior performed many miracles on the Sabbath day which healed people—made them whole. As I’ve studied these miracles, I’ve come to realize that one of the major purposes of the Sabbath is to heal. It is a day for us to reach out and help heal others—heal their loneliness, their discouragement, their disbelief and other such things. It is also a day for us to do the things that heal us. Obviously things like scripture study and pray and taking the Sacrament all do that, but one we might not think about is counting the good.

The mistakes we make and the sins we commit tend to stick in our minds as if glued there with gorilla glue. They haunt us and drag us down and depress us, but if we’ve repented and desire to do better we need to drop the very thought of those things so they don’t weigh us down. Thinking about anything for too long generates more of that thing whether it’s positive or negative. So filling our minds with positive things not only pushes away the negative, it heals us and motivates us to more good.

Therefore, one of the best things to do on a Sunday to help us heal is to take a few minutes to think back through the past week and identify every good thing we did that week. Savor those things like you’d savor the taste of a good chocolate. Feel the good all over again, and let that good define who you are and where you are going. Good begets more good and centering our thoughts on the good energizes us to do more good.

Get in the habit of doing that every Sunday and watch what happens to your week!

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Wendi said...

This is good advice. Thanks! :)