Saturday, October 1, 2011


I took Jane and George out to play this afternoon and was delighted with the diversity here at the Stanford University married student housing playground. Two little girls spoke no English and almost all of the other children spoke with accents. Jane is picking up a little Spanish just from playing, but more important she is learning that God has many children and that they are all different but wonderful. Last night my son-in-law took me to see his lab--the artificial intelligence lab. I ran a real life robot that can do your wash, fold it, and put it away. The only problem is that it costs $400,000. A little out of my price range! He also took me through the bio-medicine labs where I saw cutting edge technology of the kind that has allowed me to retain my sight. Some people claim there is no God, only science. Instead I know that Science is a gift of God and it was amazing to see what God is teaching men to be able to do. Oh, the tender mercies of God!

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