Saturday, October 8, 2011

Truth In Tandem

I received the nicest letter this week from a woman who had attended one of my classes at BYU Education Week. She was in the class on “Faith Works by Words” and she came away from the class impressed with “how important it is to be positive.” She had attended with a friend and so they decided to help each other turn negatives into positives. While doing this she discovered some things about herself: “I never realized how many times we were negative in a day. We had to catch ourselves so often and each other and turn our comments around. We could either be frustrated and hot while waiting in lines or we could engage in conversation with those around us! At the end of the day we could be tired or filled with new inspiration.”

She sums up what it means to change the way you think so well I just had to share this. But besides being spot on in her analysis, she is sharing something else that is important. When we want to change and grow one of the best things we can do is enlist the help of a friend who also wants to change and grow.

We get so entrenched in our habits that often we don’t realize how they dictate our days or keep us from being the person we want to become. But when someone is helping us they see things that need to be corrected that we don’t see, and they encourage us when we get it right. Having a helper is a great way to learn to Live in Truth.

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