Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living in Truth in a Nutshell

I think it’s time to review the basics. I haven’t done that for awhile.

Living in Truth means accepting what is, was, or will be and dealing with it in the best possible way. When you spill a glass of milk, instead of fighting against it by saying you are so clumsy and it shouldn’t have happened and getting upset that your good glass broke, you simply ask yourself “What is the truth?”

The truth is that there is a broken glass and spilled milk on the floor. That’s all you have to deal with. No “What ifs?” or “Shouldn’t haves” or beating yourself up for doing it will change a single thing. It happened. It is truth. Now deal with it.

So the question to ask is, “Can I fix it, or do I live with it?” Spilled milk seems to be an obvious “fix it!” it only takes a few minutes. And while you are doing it have some fun with it. Make it into a game to see how fast you can do it. Or go slow and enjoy the feel of the sticky milk on your fingers and the sound as you wring out the cloth and the milk drips into the sink. Sing along!

Other times the answer is that you must live with the situation. Accept it and find a way to love it.

That’s Living in Truth in a nutshell. Simple. Easy. And so rewarding!


Wendi said...

This is such an inspired concept! Thank you for sharing it with us and reminding us of the principles. :)

Mike and Julie said...

I was able to put this into practice today trying to get to the temple. I so appreciate your posts. Thanks!