Monday, January 30, 2012

Living in Truth at Home Evening

I sometimes get email that I love to share with the rest of you. And I received one of those emails last week that I just have to share. Kristen wrote to tell me how she had taught Living in Truth (specifically the Pit of Illusion) to her children during Family Home Evening.

She wrote, “My family home evening last night went really well. I actually put a couple of Barbies in a decorative birdcage with the door open in the back and we talked about the Pit of Illusion. Then I shared with them the story of Nephi staying out of the pit on the boat. We also did some role playing with situations in our family about staying out of the pit. My children are 10, 7, and 4, but I think they really got it!”

She went on to say that she explained to her children that she struggles with staying out of the Pit just like they do, and I think that may have been the most powerful part of the lesson for her children.

Learning that the struggle to Live in Truth is a life long struggle and that we all encounter the Pit from time to time, is not only freeing, but it helps us understand others. It also helps us be more loving. Instead of thinking thoughts like, “That jerk!” we think, “That poor person is struggling in the Pit. I know how that feels. Maybe I can help love them out of the Pit.”

The beauty is that the more we help others stay out of the Pit, the easier it gets for us to stay out of the Pit.

Thanks, Kristen!

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Kristen said...

Thanks Sherrie. It was actually that picture you have shown here that gave me the idea of the barbies in my birdcage. Another powerful thing to note is that when your trying hard to stay out of the pit Satan tries harder to trap you. We all felt that through the week after our FHE. We discussed it the next week after my soon to be turning 8 yr old gave us a lesson on baptism. Thank goodness we have the knowledge of the atonement so we can repent and move forward. We don't automatically become perfect at something once our eyes are open to the truth. Living in truth is something we will all work on throughout our lives. My children are good vocal reminders to me when I'm falling in the pit. I think that's what your saying here. We can loves others out of the pit. Marvelous!