Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Postive Side To Vexation

We’ve talked about vexation as the negative feelings that confront us when we leave the Realm of Truth and fall into the Pit of Illusion. Vexation always occurs then and we’ve discussed how when we feel that vexation we need to identify what is causing the vexation and then ask, “Can I fix it or do I need to live with it?” From there we’ve mainly talked about learning to live with it, but there are also cases when it can be fixed and even situations when those vexing feelings seem to be a call to do something to fix a situation.

When we see injustice in the world around us or experience life changing situations, it can be a call to do something. I have a friend whose grand daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She felt the necessary pain of the situation, and began to experience unnecessary pain. When she asked the question, “Can I fix it?”, the answer as to the death was no, but she could do something to try and make it so others didn’t have to go through what her family had gone through. She got very involved in Mother Against Drunk Driving and has done much good.

The answer to “Can I fix it?” may surprise us sometimes. To Live in Truth means you are open to those surprises.

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