Friday, January 6, 2012

The Power of Words

As I’ve studied and learned how to Live in Truth, I’ve become very aware of how powerful words can be. The words we choose to say and think make all the difference in how our lives unfold. I've come to realize that we can change the course of our lives by simply changing the words we use. And I’m not just talking about the big moments in life. What I’ve realized is that EVERY thought and EVERY spoken word influences our lives. So I’ve been working on paying attention to the seemingly unimportant conversations of my day and what I say.

For example, when someone greets me with the usual, “How are you?” I often answered, “Not too bad.” But bad is a negative word and it creates negative energy. I now answer, “I’m doing very well.” Just saying it I can feel the positive energy.

But, you ask, what if I really am sick and really not doing well? You still can use positive nouns and adjectives, but negate them with an adverb such as not. This works because the mind doesn’t imagine negating words. For example, when I say, “Don’t think about blue bunnies,” what do you think about? Blue bunnies. This means that when I answer, “I’m not doing well,” what the brain imagines is “I’m doing well.” Thus positive energy is created to help counter the negative situation.

It is amazing how choosing positive words can change the way we feel and behave. Words have power and we can empower or deplete ourselves by the words we use. So enjoy a good word today!

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Camille said...

That's a great way to think of things!