Thursday, January 5, 2012

We've Got Options

I once heard a psychologist explain that depression is caused when a person can only see two ways to go and he doesn’t like either one of them.  That may be an over-simplification, but there is something important here for all of us: there are always options. 

Too many times we come into a situation and only see one or two options open for us to pursue. If we don’t like either one, sometimes we need to accept what we don’t like and move on. But often there are other options if we just let our imaginations explore the situation. Many times there are options that aren’t as obvious that offer us new possibilities and great opportunities, but we have been so stuck in the rut of habit that we don’t even consider those options.

So next time you are feeling vexation because of choices you need to make, sit down with a piece of paper and write out all the options you can think of. Let your imagination soar. Some of the things you think of may be absolutely ridiculous, but write them down anyway. They’ll give you a good laugh and that is like taking medicine! Later go back through the list, consider each option carefully, and then choose the best one. Don’t look back, move forward in faith and then let the future unfold for you.

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