Saturday, January 7, 2012

Truth Tools at the Dentist's Office

Yesterday I had a tooth pulled. It is the second tooth since Grizelda that has shattered so that it needs to come out. It was causing a lot of pain so I’m glad it’s gone. But the good thing is how much the Truth Tools helped me yesterday. The oral surgeon offered to put me out, but I opted for a local and then used the Truth Tools to stay calm and actually found the whole process very interesting. After extracting the tooth, he put cadaver bone in the hole. After the bone heals and the bone transplant takes, there will be enough bone foundation to put in an implanted tooth. It is a strange feeling to think I have someone else’s bone in my mouth, but at the same time I’m very thankful for the scientific advances that allow for such a procedure.

I’m also grateful for the Truth Tools. Instead of coming out of the procedure groggy and in a mental fog, that takes me a good two days to shake off, I walked out feeling just fine. As he drilled and pulled and cut and scraped, I Anchored. The drills make a fascinating music and he kept explaining what he was doing so that, like I said, it was actually very interesting. The way he deftly put the stitches in was also amazing. It was obvious he'd done it thousands of times. That’s where the Storytelling Tool came in. Instead of filling myself with stories about how things could go wrong or it might hurt or any other negative story, I told myself a story about learning new things and how fascinating it was to watch someone who is so skilled at what he is doing.

Truth Tools work! Now I just need to use them to keep myself from being too self-conscious about the hole in the back of my mouth when I smile. They can’t do the tooth implant until the bone heals which will take about three months. Until then I have a missing tooth. My insurance won’t cover a temporary tooth, so I’ll be toothless. I can let it make me very uncomfortable or I can live with it. I’m opting to live with it. I’ve got Tools to help me do it!

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading this because I've been struggling with keeping my attitude positive no matter what the situation. Sometimes it's pretty hard. We had a major setback on Monday when one of our main sources of income was gone, without warning and very abruptly. I kept repeating in my head "Come what may, and love it" over and over. I'll admit I've still shed a few tears, but I think just trying hard to focus on how my mood is NOT subject to my circumstances and I can choose how I feel made the whole thing easier to get through. It's something I'm taking one day at a time. :)