Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be Sure To Wonder

I read a wonderful quote yesterday from one of my favorite thinkers, G. K. Chesterton. It says, “We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.”  

One only has to watch a two-year-old exploring the world for about a half hour to realize that the toddler sees much more than you do.  Everything is a wonder to a two-year-old child who gets excited at the sight of a butterfly or giggles at the sound of rain drops on the widow or who tries to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Life is meant to be a wonder and if we aren’t experiencing the wonder it isn’t for lack of wonders, it is because we have lost our ability to wonder, and as Chesterton says that is a condition that causes us to perish for lack of joy, happiness, love and blissfulness.

So look around you and wonder at it all!

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