Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Mom

 I went up to the Bountiful hospital to see my mother yesterday and just have to tell you what a spunky woman she is. While I was there the doctor came in and said that the C-scan showed that she has nine broken ribs and a cracked collar bone.  Of the nine broken ribs there are only two that are broken in one place; the other seven are broken in two or three places each and I mean broken not cracked. They are floating! All nine are on the right side so it means that she has almost nothing (there are only 12 ribs on a side) to hold her organs inside her body. She is going to be in a care center for at least two months and that didn’t set well with her. As soon as the doctor left she said to me, “I think it will only take a month.”

After she fell she said she couldn’t breathe and as she lay there the thought came to her, “I think I’m dead.” And then she thought, “Oh no, I’m not dead. I’m in too much pain to be dead.” That’s my mom! Pain is proof of life! If you ask her how she is she answers, "I'm doing fine." And she sounds like she really means it.

She is a spunky woman who is enduring the pain without complaining, and maintaining her sense of humor through the whole thing. When I grow up I want to be like her.


Wendi said...

Wow! That's a lot of broken bones. I want to follow her example of enduring pain well. I hope she does only have to stay in the care center one month. :)

Anonymous said...

Sherrie, you already are like her, the apple did not fall far from the tree! It sounds so painful, I hope the time goes fast for her, and you, as well. It is really hard to see our parents in peril, but the Truth Tools help deal with that, too. I'm so glad you benefit from them, too. Your family is still in my prayers, and I hope she will have a full recovery.