Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knowing How to Get Out of the Pit is Such a Blessing

I’ve had my arsenal of Truth Tools out the last few days and am using every one of them. It seems every time I answer the telephone there is more bad news. I know all of you have had days (or weeks and months!) like that. One of the biggest of the problems is that my mother fell and on Saturday I was told she had broken two ribs in the fall. Sunday I was told she couldn’t keep any food down because of the medication (they thought!). Monday she still couldn’t keep food down and so she didn’t want to take the medication but she was in a lot of pain. Tuesday she went to the doctor and they said she had broken five ribs not two. She went home but last evening called my brother and was very incoherent. He took her to the hospital and it was discovered that she had broken six ribs and her collar bone. She had also injured one of her lungs which wasn’t working at all and was filling with fluid. They admitted her to the hospital and once on oxygen she started to perk up a bit, but two of her ribs are not just fractured they are fragmented and they are worried that pieces of bone may puncture her lung.

I’m not telling you all this so you’ll feel sorry for me or my mom. I’m telling you this because sometimes people think that it is so easy for me in my perfect, ideal life to talk about Living in Truth. So I want you to know that my life is far from ideal.This is just one problem I am dealing with right now. What I want you to know is that the Living in Truth principles I talk about on Good News! aren’t coming from someone who hasn’t experienced problems but from someone who is living a normal telestial life and has found some things that make telestial life not only more bearable but that bring peace and joy despite the pain.

I’ve sunk into the Pit of Illusion big time on occasion the last few weeks, but I am grateful for the Tools I’ve learned that help me get out of the Pit and back into Truth. I'm especially grateful to know that the pain of the Pit isn't necessary and that I have options. I can climb out of the Pit! I know, not from intellectual theorizing but from actual living, that Living in Truth means living in peace and love despite the darkest adversity life hands us. I also know that understanding how to Live in Truth is a gift from God. I am so grateful for that amazing gift.


6L's said...

thanks for sharing this personal story! i feel this same way often...that people think my life is perfect, when really, it is far from it. i choose to respond to things differently and to put on a happy face and be kind to others anyway. i AM sorry for your personal pains, but thankful you can use them to practice your tools. :) love to you, sherrie!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sherrie, I am so sorry for your mom's difficulties. My mother is in the last stage of Alzheimer's, and sometimes the Pit looks pretty inviting, but it is the Truth Tools that give me strength to keep dealing with everything, and I have you to thank for taking the time to teach us how to use them. Instead of learning trial and error, I've had a very devoted teacher who has led me through the process, and now, when I need them the most, the Truth Tools are there to keep me where I need to be. I thank you so much. I hope you mom can heal quickly, and they can keep her comfortable and not in alot of pain. My prayers are are with your family.

Wendi said...

I hope your mom can heal and feel better as soon as possible. And I hope the other things you're dealing with get resolved in a good way. Thanks for sharing the Truth Tools with us. :)

Camille said...

I hope the best for your mom!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Thanks to all of you who have expressed your good wishes. We found out tonight after the C-scan results came back that she has 9 broken ribs and a broken collar bone. Most of those ribs are broken in two or three places. But she is a trooper and is doing her best to endure!

Emily said...

I hope your mom feels better too! I just got back from my mission one month ago tomorrow, and I am so glad to be able to still read your blog which reminds me of how I used "Truth Tools" to help me get through some of the difficulties I faced on the mission.

For sure, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the rock upon which we must build, otherwise, I definitely would've fallen by now.

Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement :)