Monday, February 13, 2012

Listen. Learn. Laugh. Love.

I’ve been very busy the last few days and I’ve missed you.
On Friday and Saturday I attended a wonderful conference
that lasted all day both days, and I learned so much.
 It was wonderful.

It is delightfully surprising to me that when I learn anything new
I suddenly find that thing every place I turn.
For example, I learn a new vocabulary word and for the next few days
 I hear it or read it all over the place.
Well in this conference that had nothing to do with Living in Truth
 I found several things that I loved about Living in Truth.

In one of the breakout sessions a man was talking about a woman
who had influenced his life
and he said that she once told him that whatever you encounter in life
 you need to listen to it to make sure you understand,
learn all you can from it,
laugh at yourself in it,
 and love it.
That pretty well sums up what it takes to Live in Truth!

So I’m sharing today the Four Ls:
Listen. Learn. Laugh. Love.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I love this! Sterling's mom, Izzy, says she has always looked at every situation, and asks herself what she can learn from it. Great advice!

I want you to know that our entire R.S. chose words for the year...mine is joyful so I am trying to find joy in everything I do :) Thanks for sharing!