Thursday, March 15, 2012

Live Today

We’ve talked a lot as we’ve discussed Living in Truth about living in the present moment—enjoying now—and how that means not worrying about tomorrow. But there are other things about the future that distract us from the present besides worry or fear and one of those is the goals we set. Now, let me say right up front, I have nothing against setting goals; goals are important. But sometimes we need to analyze our goals and ask ourselves if they are worth the effort and the time or if we are spending our todays preparing for a tomorrow that we could have had today. This story illustrates what I mean.

The King of Epirus once recounted to a favorite and wise servant all the conquests which he proposed to make in order to expand the borders of his country. The list was long and when he finally ended the account, the servant asked, “And what will your Majesty do after all those battles?”

“I will enjoy myself with my friends.” answered the king, “sharing their good company over a meal of fine food with wonderful musicians playing while we dine.”

“And why can’t your Majesty do that now?” asked the servant.

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Wonderful point!