Monday, March 19, 2012

The Power We Have

I woke up this morning to find three inches of snow on the cars and lawn, but the road, sidewalk and driveway only had a skiff of snow. That part was nice, but SNOW? Last week we had beautiful spring blue sky weather with sunshine and only a few wispy clouds and crocus smiling up out of the ground. But that’s how life goes! So I’m enjoying the snow.

The white, slushy drive to work sounded different than last week’s drive—actually much more interesting sounds. The wet cars looked different—drippy, but the water adds a sheen that is almost magical. The gray sky felt different, but I was bundled in my Eskimo coat and had my heater blowing hot air and so I was happy because I managed to remember that happy is a choice and I had the power to make whatever choice I wanted.

It’s definitely unnecessary pain to choose to be unhappy because it snows when you don’t want it to. Remembering that makes all the difference in how we live our days. I’ve been inside ever since I got to work in rooms with no windows, so I don’t know if the snow has melted or if there is more snow out there. But I’m happy!

 Isn’t it amazing the power we have over the weather!!!!

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Wendi said...

My favorite part about the snow is when the sun shines on it and it makes everything look even brighter. :)