Saturday, May 12, 2012


God made each of us to be something special. He put us in the best situation we could be in so that we could grow and excell in our own brand of specialness. He put us in the places where our special talents and abilities could most influence those close to us. He knows what He is doing, but too often we are our own worst enemies because we are trying to be something or someone that we aren't, and while doing that we fail to be what we are supposed to be.

Authenticity is an important part of Living in Truth. If we are to influence the people God has placed us to help and if we are to grow to our full potential we need to recognize and accept who and what we are and build on those strengths and characteristics instead of spending our time and efforts trying to be someone or something we aren't. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and instead ask God what it is we are to be and then spend our efforts becoming that.

Being perfect means being completed and there is no way we can be completed (or perfected) if we are trying to be something other than what it was intended we should be.

Authenticity is a virtue that brings peace, joy, and meaning into our lives.

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Wendi said...

Learning not to compare ourselves with others is one of the greatest life lessons we can learn. Thanks for this reminder. :)