Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's been a marathon day. Not for me, but D4 came to town to run the Provo marathon and Mr. J and I drove the course getting to places just before her, staying long enough to take her picture, cheer her on and then we'd jump in the car and drive to the next convenient stopping place on the course.

I admire you runners! What a gruelling sport, but she finished in good time and it has been fun to have her in town for a few days.

I've learned a lot from watching her. The thing I admire most is that while there are a few marathon runners who run to win, the majority run to finish. Their goal is simply to say, "I did it!" We need more of that attitude in life. So many people would be so much happier if instead of comparing themselves to others and always feeling like they had to be best, they simple did what they wanted to do in the way they can do it best and then be happy because they did it. If more people were content with being themselves instead of trying to be better than someone else we'd make the world a better place!

D4 is on the left.

Way to go, D4! You did it! You are a person who runs!


Devin said...

way to go, Anissa! And I love the insight, Sherrie.

Brent said...

She really is inspirational! Isn't she?!

Wendi said...

Congratulations to her! And I really like that last paragraph. :)