Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finding the Golden Goods

Here in Utah it is an overcast, gray day. It is the kind of heavy, gray sky that looks like it will begin to weep at any moment, and it is tempting to give in to the gloominess and turn gray and weep yourself, especially when it is a weekend like this that SHOULD BE a sunny, cheerful, holiday type day. But as the SHOULD BE in the thinking process warns us, that is Pit of Illusion thinking and it only brings Unnecessary Pain.

When you Live in Truth, however, these gray days are exciting. They bring an opportunity that sunny days don't and that is the chance to go sluething for Golden Goods. As you all know, gold is almost always hidden and in order to find it miners have to use time and effort and tools to go searching for it. It takes much more effort to find gold than it does to find sandstone, but the effort is worth it.

So today we get to go mining for Golden Goods by looking under the gray and finding all the wonderful good things the day has to offer. It is nice and cool so I don' have to run the air conditioning. It is too windy and cool to work in the yard so I get to catch up on some things in the house that I'm behind on. Since Mr. J isn't working in the yard I get to spend more time with him and the extra time that we have that was slated for yard work we are now spending finding some family things to share with our children on Memorial Day. That is much better than getting a few weeds out of the way!

It's a rich, wonderful, happy Living in Truth day when you go searching for Golden Goods. The searching is an adventure and the finding is a delight!

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Wendi said...

Thanks for this perspective. I'm using this day to catch up in blogland. :)