Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Honor the Ordinary

At different times in my life I've fallen into a trap of thinking that it is only the big, spectacular things that I have to be grateful for--like getting a promotion at work, or winning something, or getting something that I'd wanted for a long time, or a prayer for healing being answered.

But the older I get the more I realize that there are many, many ordinary, every day things that I am grateful for, but that I don't acknowledge those things enough. The surprising thing is how much joy and happiness giving thanks for those things brings into my life.

Consciously thinking, "I am grateful for rain drops," or "I am grateful for a soft pillow," or "I am grateful for a cuddly place to sleep," or "I am grateful for strawberries," or "I am grateful for the sound of children giggling," or "I am grateful for a warm shower," brings an immediate joy into my heart that I can feel bouncing inside me like a helium balloon. It is almost like magic!

Not surprisingly in my recent studies, I've read over and over again where researchers have shown that if people will just write down three things they are grateful for each day it can change them. So I've set about looking for and honoring the ordinary.

I'm grateful for words. I'm grateful for color. I'm grateful for music.

It's your turn. What three things are you grateful for?


Wendi said...

I'm grateful for blue skies, sunshine, and cool breezes. I really enjoyed all three on my walk today. I'm grateful for Golden Spoon yogurt, which I also enjoyed on my walk home. And I'm so grateful for the temple--the joy I feel when I'm there and the strength it gives me throughout the week. :)

Camille said...

I'm grateful for this blog! I'm grateful that I woke up and exercised this morning. I'm especially grateful for my little boy sitting by me eating his waffle.

DeRae said...

I heard Pres. Eyring's talk about how he started a journal of the tender mercies that he received each day. It impressed me so that I now think about my day and where I have been blessed. It reminds me how much Heavenly Father loves me and that lifts my spirit.