Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A New Kind of Word Game

I believe life should be fun and that means even the difficult things like changing life-long habits. So as we work toward Living in Truth one of the things we can do to is to make efforts to change into a game.

One example that comes to mind is a game that can be used when we are changing our language from negative power sapping words to positive empowering words. What you do is enlist the help of someone who is around you a lot and ask them to listen to what you say. When they hear you use negative and low energy words they then call out, "Swap!" Your job is to immediately swap the negative word with a positive high energy word and repeat what you just said.

You can also do this yourself if no one is around to help you. As soon as you notice you've said something negative instead of beating yourself up over it or telling yourself how you never are able to do what you've committed to do, simply laugh and cry out, "Swap!" and then restate what you just said with the new positive word.

It works, and it is fun!

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