Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We've talked a lot about the power and importance of words here on Good News! But I've never said much about the meaning of words. So I'm about the rectify that!

Words have meaning and if we want to convey the proper meaning with the words we use we need to know what meanings are inherent in the word. Also, studying the meanings of words, especially words we think we already know because we've used them forever, intensifies our understanding of life. Let me give you an example. You all know and use the word inspire. Your feeling for that word probably centers around the idea of motivation. But the word comes to us from the Latin word, inspirare,  which means to breathe in. Thus its literal definition is to breathe life into yourself or others. If you think about this and ponder it for a few minutes, I guarantee that next time you hear or use the word inspire you will feel something deeper and more meaningful.

Add to that the thought that as you ponder and learn to use words that inspire others, you breath life into their hopes and dreams and situations. So create something beautiful today by breathing hope or joy or love into someone you know. Inspire someone!

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Leslie said...

Thank you for your thoughts that do inspire me. I don't check your blog very often, but when I do I always feel better.