Monday, October 1, 2012

Power Words

I keep finding the most interesting things about words and the power of words. For example, this morning while studying I found a study that shows that negative words produce a lower energy or heavier vibration level and positive words produce a higher energy or vibration level. This corresponds with how you feel when negative words or positive words are used. You feel lighter when using or hearing positive words and heavier when using negative words.

Usually we aren't aware of the energy produced by the words we hear and speak, but if we are looking and scrutinizing we can feel the difference. Our minds are like computers that sort our, process, and then respond to the codes that are inputted. Our minds unconsciously sort, process and then respond to the words we hear, think, and speak.

This means that every word is processed so that in fractions of a second meaning, associations, and memories connected with that word are sorted and then relevant ideas are brought to conscious thought. The mind is amazing! But what is important here are the ramifications of using low energy negative words versus high energy positive words.

Some of us have filled our vocabulary with negative ways of stating positive things. For example, someone requests something of you and you answer, "No problem" instead of "You're welcome" or "I'd be happy to do that." The word problem is a low energy, negative word, but welcome and happy are positive and high energy words.

So fill your day with happy words and watch what the good that happens!

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