Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm So Lucky!!

I went to lunch with some friends today and somehow a rather sarcastic conversation started with everyone joining in on, “I’m so lucky because . . .” You know, “I’m so lucky I broke my leg because that’s how I met my husband.” Or “I’m so lucky I got in a car accident because I got a new car.” It almost became a game around the table, but it got me thinking that I’m going to make that my theme for the year.

“I’m so lucky I had to shave my head because now I get to see what I look like bald.”
“I’m so lucky my hair is ¾ inches long because soon it will cover my bald spot around my scar.”
“I’m so lucky I’m getting older because my friends took me to lunch!”
“I’m so lucky I’m out of work because now I can sleep in anytime I want.”
“I’m so lucky I had brain surgery because now I have something to blame all my forgetfulness on.”

All kidding aside, I have so many blessings and have received so many miracles recently that my “I’m so lucky” list is very long and not sarcastic at all. But even then (I’m ashamed to admit it), I sometimes start to think about the negative side of things. So turning everything into an “I’m so lucky” is going to be my goal this year because I really am lucky and I want to remember that!


Laresa said...

You must of read my mind this morning. I was just thinking of this idea of being positive about certain stituations in my life. I like how you have phrased it though. (better than what I was thinking) Here is mine "I am so lucky that my son has difficulty reading so I can read to him and learn about amazing things in history and science".

Wendi said...

I'm so lucky because I get to read your blog. :) As you may recall, I found your blog when I was helping my mom delete a whole bunch of old e-mails last summer. I happened to see your blog link below your name on one of the Stake Relief Society e-mails you had sent my mom and forwarded it to my account. I went back and read every post over the months following that. I was thankful every time I read because with each post my soul was filled with more light and gratitude. Reading your blog continues to be one of my favorite activities. :)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!! I'm going to try to attend your Women's conference on Saturday morning with my sister--it will be a real treat if I can make it to hear you speak. :)

Talena said...

I am so lucky to have you for my Mom, Happy Birthday!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Laresa, Great minds think alike :) I love you!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendy, I'm so lucky you found my blog because you always "speak" back to me. I love it.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Talena, I'm so lucky to have you for a daughter! I love you!