Monday, February 2, 2009


In Isaiah 8:19-22 there are some difficult passages to understand. Part of the problem is the King James translation which is very unclear and confusing in these verses. However, when we go to other translations of the original Hebrew texts, these passages become not only clear but extremely instructive for our times.

The gist of what Isaiah is saying in these verses is that it is useless for people to turn to mediums, astrology, or anything but God to get answers about life and what to do. One shouldn’t inquire of the dead to know what to do for the living. When people accept and speak words from any of these other sources they will have words with no light, and thus they will roam about hungry. (I assume this means spiritually hungry.) And in this state of hunger they become angry and they blame God for their problems. And as they look around everything will be depressing and full of anguish and gloom.

We live in tough times. The economy is failing. Sin abounds. Adversity hits us from every side. In our day most of us aren’t tempted to turn to mediums and astrologers for answers, but we are tempted to listen to worldly prognostications spouted by the stock market experts, newscasters, politicians, and academics. We hear them on television and read them in the newspapers. But as Isaiah taught, instead of listening to them, we should be listening to the Lord. The worldly forecasts give us advice as they guess at the future, but it is never comforting. We go away from them hungry and upset and sometimes even doubting or blaming God.

The Lord, on the other hand, will guide us as to what we should do and feed us at the same time. When fed and full of His comfort and love, we can see the problems around us and know what to do. But even more, we can live without feeling anguish, despair or gloom. We can be at peace knowing the Lord is with us and will guide us through the problems we face.


Karen said...

Well said! I especially like "The worldly forecasts give us advice as they guess at the future, but it is never comforting." It is so true...they just sit there night after night and guess. I may use that if you don't mind :)

With regards to Aloha! I think sometimes we have to experience a lesson in patience before the light is available. I have a hard time with this one...I am not too patient. As always, thanks for your words of wisdom!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Karen, Thank you, and yes use it if it helps. We had fun with Alyssa last night! You have a great daughter!

Wendi said...

I've been taking a medicine combination that has been helping me lately--and so I'm thankful for the knowledge of doctors and modern medicine. But I was even more thankful for the blessing that my husband gave me this morning. There is nothing like the peace that comes from an all-knowing and loving Heavenly Father. :) And this picture of the Savior always reminds me of my days in Primary long, long ago. :)