Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank God For Prophets

President David O. McKay

The sun came out today! Not just in the sky, but in my heart. Conference always brings it into my heart. Hearing the words of the prophet and listening to the counsel given in such love by the Church leaders can’t help but make the sun shine within you. I love it!

Many years ago when I was a girl, I met President David O. McKay. My family and a few of my parent’s friends had gone on an outing that day to the monastery in Huntsville. On the way back home we drove by President McKay’s boyhood farm and home so my parents could show it to us children. We weren’t expecting anyone to be there, but lo and behold the McKay family was holding a family reunion and as we got there Pres. McKay was just getting out of his car. We didn’t stop, but as we passed he waved at us children in the back seat and almost touched the car window. I was so overwhelmed to see a prophet of God that I broke out in tears. I have never forgotten that moment.

Since that time I have met or been that close to all the prophets of the Church except for President Hinckley. I met President Monson years ago when our family performed at a meeting he was attending. Every time I’ve been in their presence, I’ve felt the power of God working through them. You cannot be near them and not know they are very special men. God works through them to minister His gospel to His children on the earth. Of that I am certain!


Wendi said...

I took notes from all four sessions on my laptop and I'm thankful that I did--it kept me focused. I'm going to send you an invitation to our family blog, in case you're interested. I noticed from the beginning that we have the same blog template. :)

SMJ said...

Wendi, Taking notes does help! It also keeps me focused. Wasn't it wonderful!!!!

Laresa said...

It reminds me of the time that I met Pres. Kimball. I will never ever forget that day !

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Laresa, I'll never forget that day either.