Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Tool--Distraction

As soon as we finished the radiologist appointment on Friday we went to St George for a funeral. A very good friend (whom I can’t thank enough) let us use her home in St George so we stayed over the weekend. It was a much needed get-away. The past week drained us both physically and emotionally. The trip gave us time to think—time to regroup and relax, time to get energized and meditate and pray to be ready for whatever is in front of us.

During this time I noticed several things that happened. First, on the trip down just observing the beauty of this wonderful world was rejuvenating. It invigorated and kept me positive. Turning my thoughts from me to the world filled me with gratitude and wonder. Certainly if God can create and run this amazing world, He can take care of me! Another thing that I noticed was that a change in environment helped me forget about myself and my problems. I didn’t realize how much things around my own house remind me of the predicament I’m in, but in a different house with no associations, I forgot all about my problems and relaxed and enjoyed. The third thing I realized is that of all the tools we’ve talked about for helping us Live in Truth I’ve never realized how much of a tool a simple thing like distraction can be. Distraction gives us a little distance, which gives us a new perspective. Whether we take a walk, a trip, read a book, watch a good movie sometimes all we need is a little distraction to help us keep positive and walk in Light and Truth.

So add Distraction to the tools. Take a break from your problems and come back to them with new perspective!


Wendi said...

Reading your blog is a good distraction for me. :)

Jenn said...

Sherrie, I don't know if you'll remember me. I'm Jenn (Grint) Gatherum. I was Tia's friend in West Bountiful. I now have three kids, and my baby born last Sept had many complications. It probably sounds selfish to compare our circumstances, but I wanted to tell you how much reading your blog has brought a comfort to me. I remember you as always smiling and being so kind and intelligent. I am so sorry that you are going through these things, and yet my first though was thank goodness we have the Lord. He gives us such a peace, to where we find ourselves going through things we never thought we could bear. I know I couldn't have made it through any of this on own and I'm so grateful for all of my great leaders and examples that I've had...(YOU)! Sorry this is so long... please know that our prayers are with you....Love Jenn..

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, I'm glad I can be a distraction for you! :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Jenn, Never apologize for being long. You wrote from your heart and I appreciate it. It is so great to hear from you again and I hope the problems with your baby have resolved successfully. And YES we are thankful for a loving Savior who sees us through these things. Keep in touch!