Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Leaning the Names of Bones

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I’m not writing much today. I’m just taking care of my broken calcaneus (heel bone -- bone #1 in the picture) and rotated cuboid (bone #7 in the picture) while listening to the rain. (Oh, the anatomical things we learn as we grow older!)

I love the sound of rain, so it was nice of the weather to make music for me today. So many tender mercies!


SuSu said...

Ouch a broken foot that doesn't sound fun. Glad you have the music of rain to help ease the pain.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the broken bone. Broken bones in the feet are really painful. I hope it doesn't keep you down too long. Enjoy your quiet day and take advantage of listening to all the music you want.

Dani said...

How did you break those bones? I love to learn still at my old age about just about everything. Thanks for the great picture.

Connie said...

OH dear! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I had a bit of outpatient surgery and my body is
making certain that i honor it!

p.s. I really would like to "win" a copy of your book!