Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prayer Power

I got one of those calls yesterday—a call from my mother asking me to pray for my niece who suddenly began having seizures. BBS (Before Brain Surgery) I would, as soon as I could, dutifully pray when a call like this came, and I would think about the person and the situation hoping for the best. But ABS (After Brain Surgery) when calls like this come, I drop everything immediately and pray with all my heart that all will be well and that the person will feel the prayers and love of others as much as I did.

The healing for me was a wonderful miracle. The love and the tangibility of other’s prayers was a delightful surprise. That feeling sustained me while I waited for the miracle. That feeling kept fear at bay. That feeling warmed and comforted me. And I know that feeling was part of the healing. Prayer works. It is real. We should all be praying for each other because life is meant to be a community affair. None of us will make it to the Celestial Kingdom without helping someone else get there, too. There are many ways we do that, but prayer is part of all of them.

Thanks again for all of your prayers when I needed them. I still can feel the strength they gave me. And pray for my niece, Jessica, who lovingly offered to cut her long, strawberry-blond hair to make a wig for me when Grizelda plagued me.


Talena said...

Oh, wow is she ok?

Emily said...

Pryaers are so amazing! I have been working on saying more sincere and real prayers in the past few days and I have felt enveloped by the Spirit!

I got my mission call in the mail yesterday! Here is my blog post about it! Thanks for all that you do in helping me to channel my life in a positive direction and be happy about the life story that I'm living!

Rebecca said...

Thank you. When I pray for others, I always wonder what I am suppose to pray for. I am so glad to see how prayer helped sustain you and I will pray more like that for others.