Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial to Family

There is nothing quite as amazing as family when you need them. They step up to the plate and support and help. They cry with you and for you. They pray for you. They patiently put up with your faults and idiosyncrasies. They give you a swift kick when you need to be motivated, and a hug when you need to be encouraged.

Maybe that is why seeing families fail hurts so much. When you understand the strength family can and should be, it causes so much pain to watch a family fall apart.

We all need each other. Especially we need family. This Memorial Day weekend is all about celebrating our heritage and the people (family members) who have passed on, but let's also celebrate the family members that are still with us and the bonds that tie us together. Let's celebrate family in all it is and should be.


Anonymous said...

Well said. xoxoxo

Jessie said...

Couldn't agree more! :) love ya aunt Sherrie! Hope things are going well for you!