Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Holidays are interesting in that they give us markers to hang memories on. Things happen all the time, but we can’t remember exactly when it happened. We remember it once in awhile, but the memories tend to fade. However, when something happens on a holiday every time that holiday comes around the event gets remembered.

I know Memorial Day is about remembering those who have passed on, especially our soldiers, but like any holiday, it also has memories of the things that happened on other Memorial Days. For me the memories include many outings with my parents to cemeteries. But the most significant Memorial Day event for me was 27 years ago. We were having a barbecue with friends at their home beside their swimming pool. We’d gotten the lunch ready and were gathered around the picnic table praying over the food when suddenly we heard a splash. I turned around to see my three-year old, D7, lying under ten feet of water at the bottom of the swimming pool.

A seventeen-year old son of our friends dove into the pool, swam to the deep end, and pulled D7 up. By then I had reached the pool and Lamar lifted the limp body out of the water to me. Her head and arms dangled from her body, I can still see her blue lips and face as if it just happened, and the way her eyes rolled in their sockets like doll eyes. Quickly I turned her over and pressed on her chest. Water gushed out of her, but as it did she started to breathe, turn pink, and revive. There hadn’t even been time to be scared. But afterward I trembled uncontrollably at the thought of what had just happened and kept thanking my Father in Heaven for the great blessing of preserving her life.

The interesting thing is that she is my only child that ever swam on a swimming team. She came home from school one day and announced that she had signed up for the high school team. I asked, “Don’t you have to know how to swim to be on the swimming team?” Without batting an eye she said, “The coach said he’d teach me.” And the coach did. She went on to win many ribbons and to qualify for the state tournament.

She is now a wife and mother of four beautiful children and I am still thanking my Heavenly Father for her and my other children.

Oh... one more thing. This last semester Lamar's son just happened to be in my Book of Mormon class. Life is interesting!

(Picture is of me and Carl with D7's family. She is taking the picture.)

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Dani said...

Your story reminded me so much of what I have been celebrating over the past few months, the 'can do' attitude of so many little girls. I have been so touched over the past 11 years of the 'can do' attitude that my little girl was born with. She has been and is such an inspiration to me as I play a part in her pursuing her dreams and desires. I was very much like that also growing up and now am a large part of encouraging my children's goals and actions in accomplishing things.
I love that no 'stumbling block' is too big i.e. it didn't matter that your daughter didn't know how to swim, she would learn.
I love that a 16 year old Austalian girl sailed around the world all by herself (she's now 17, who cares).
Go! Daughters of Heavenly Father!