Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hurrah for Commandments!

It is surprising how many of our gospel words come from the etymological roots which mean “to make sacred.” Consecration, sanctification, and sacrifice are a few of those words.

Sometimes we get in a rut of thinking that the commandments are a burden that restricts what we can do in our lives, but when we understand that all of these things are given to us to change us from carnal, sensual and devilish creatures into sacred or holy beings, we have a different attitude about the commandments. They aren’t a burden, they are a gift that allows the Atonement to operate in our lives. Thus the commandments are a blessing and an opportunity that we should give thanks for.

Next time you live a commandment (for example tomorrow when you attend church) say a little prayer of thanks for that commandment—thanks that you know the commandment and have the ability to keep it—and then notice what happens inside you.

Commandments are a gift from God and when we acknowledge that fact we grow closer to the giver of the gift.

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