Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dizzy in Disneyland!

I’m back! We spent the last few days in Disneyland in the rain. I haven’t been to Disneyland since 1991, and to be honest it isn’t my favorite place, but going with grandkids makes all the difference in the world even with the rain. Watching their faces glow with delight at the sight of Mickey Mouse or a Jedi is worth the admission price! I love how Disney has made things unreal so real! It truly is magic. 

It made me think about reality. We’ve all had the experience of sitting in a vehicle when the vehicle next to us begins to move and for a few seconds it is impossible to tell if we are moving, if the other vehicle is moving, or if both vehicles are moving. In other words, our senses are not always reliable. But we live in a world that claims you can’t know anything unless your senses can verify it. Disneyland turns that assumption upside down. It verifies the fact that we all create our own reality and that reality can be altered and adjusted and toyed with.

I think this is an especially important fact for parents to remember. There are days when we go to bed so discouraged. Our senses tell us we are moving backwards and doing more harm than good. While attending to one child’s needs, another child’s needs go unmet even though we’ve working ourselves silly trying to meet everyone’s needs. But chine up! Courage take! The reality of the situation is that there is more than meets the eye (or any of the other senses!). The Spirit is working in ways we can’t see to help us and to make up for our lack of ability and resources. The reality is that we are moving forward despite the illusion that we are moving backward! 

I’ve decided that Disneyland may be the best spot on earth to determine what reality really is!


Karen said...

Well said. It's kinda like the saying that "It's only failure if we fail to try"...or something like that!

Wendi said...

I appreciate that encouragement to parents. :)