Monday, January 10, 2011

Caring for Me

Around Thanksgiving time I was treated again for skin cancer. To do this I rubbed a cream on my face each night and each morning for four days and wherever there were bad spots that could become cancerous or were, the skin would turn bright red. For the next week I only put the cream on the red spots and those spots then began to blister, fester, and scab over. Thus the cream was both diagnostic and a solution to the problem that eradicated the bad cells. While the result was ugly, it amazed me to watch how I healed.

First of all, I am grateful for modern science and the amazing things that have been created to help detect and protect us from cancer. Secondly, I am grateful for this amazing body. My skin looked horrible, and yet now all that remains to remind me of the ordeal are pale pink patches on my skin. Somehow this body knew how to heal. The same thing happened last week. With the first day of school, I was handling a lot of papers and came home one night with three paper cuts on my hands, but now there are only tiny red marks and they will soon be gone also.

Each day my heart beats, my lungs suck in air and expel all that isn’t needed, my eyes make moisture, my food digests and turns into skin, hair, fingernails, etc. and I don’t do one single thing to make it happen. I am so grateful, but beside gratitude I  think that sometimes I worry and fret about too much. If God can make all of these things happen for me without any conscious effort  on my part, can’t He take care of the rest of my life also? Why do I stew and worry so much? Instead I need to relax, enjoy, and let God do His work. He’ll do it just fine!


Machen said...

I love it! Thank you

Wendi said...

You make a good point. Our bodies are amazing, even in this telestial state. And what a wonderful, caring Creator we have. Thanks for the reminder. :)

runningfan said...

Good reminder for me today. Creation and healing are amazing gifts!

textracy said...

I love this post. I have been thinking about this lately because I am pregnant and have a little baby growing inside of me. I don't know how to grow a baby, but my body does. It is such a wonderful, amazing miracle to feel the baby kick and watch my belly grow. God does know what he is doing.