Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rejoicing in Friendship

Some of the people who help me Live in Truth.
Yesterday I had lunch with an old friend—someone I’ve loved and known for almost 50 years. As always, we had a delightful time eating and then shopping together with no lack of things to talk about and plenty to laugh about. On the drive home I was thinking about all we have shared and the experiences we have passed through together. We’ve had our difference, but they have been minor experiences and soon forgotten. We’ve both experienced tragedy and known the other was there for us. We now have a memory bank of decades of experiences to draw wonderful  memories from. And there is something deeply special about such a long-time friendship.

Then last night we went to a wedding and there I saw several other friends whom I haven’t known as long, but who have also taught me, loved me, and laughed with me. It has made me think about friendships and about Living in Truth.

I’ve written a lot about the Truth Tools and how to avoid the Pit. I’ve written about getting out of the Pit when we are in it. I’ve written about the vexation we feel when we are in the Pit, but I don’t think I’ve spent enough time explaining the many things the Lord gives us to help us stay in the Realm of Truth.

Beautiful family relationships, friendships, mentors, teachers, and just plain good neighbors are all people who help us walk in Truth. When bad things happen that could pull us into the Pit of Illusion, friends and family often help us stay in Truth—not necessarily because of what they say to us but because we feel their love like a buoy keeping us afloat. It is almost like a magnetic pull that holds us in Truth.

I am so grateful for family and friends who love me despite my many weaknesses. Who keep me laughing when times are tough. Who encourage me when disappointment strikes. And who have faith in me when I have none. 

I think Living in Truth also means rejoicing and today I am rejoicing in friendship!


Martha said...

I agree! I chose REJOICE for my word this year...I think I told you.
I have been thinking how Living in Truth and Rejoicing are synonymous. They help me to RECIEVE the blessings that are being given to me in the NOW. Regardless of what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future.
That also sounds like Anchoring...which I learned from you right here on your blog.
Thank you for all you write here. Your blog has been such a blessing to me!

Wendi said...

Yay for good and caring friends! :)

Christa Johnson said...

beautifully written! I am definitely going to have to stop by Seagull Book or Deseret Book in the next couple of days and pick up your book. You are one amazing woman and I am glad you had a chance to reconnect with friends. Aren't friends wonderful????