Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your Vita

In academia we are required to keep what is called a Curriculum Vita. What that amounts to is a list of all your presentations, publications, and service. I had to update mine recently and as I did it I was filled with warm memories of things I had done. In turn it made me think of the times that the adversary tempts me with thoughts of all my shortcomings and mistakes.

So I have a great idea. Everyone should keep a vita--perhaps at the back of your journal or someplace where you can find it and read it often. Divide it into categories such as Church Callings, PTA Committees, Talks Given in Church, Home and Family, Community Service, Family Service, Books Read, Hobbies, or whatever categories fit your life and then list ALL the things you do under one of the categories. You repaint the bedroom, put it under family service. You give a lesson in Home Evening, put it under Home and Family. You sew a handbag, you put it under Hobbies. You take your kids to a museum, put it under Family Service. You get the idea.

This is only for you to look at. It is not a brag sheet, it is simply a way to remember how you've spent your time so when the adversary tries to convince you you've never done anything worthwhile, you can take it out, read it, and remember the fun and worthwhile things you've done.

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Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing. :)