Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enlarging the Soul

The Good News! today is that there is no such thing as spiritual dieting! (Yeah!) 

While Joseph Smith was incarcerated in Liberty Jail, he received a revelation (D&C 121) that explained how power corrupts most people so that they “exercise unrighteous dominion.” The revelation then goes on to teach him and us how to properly use power and influence. It says that when in a position of authority, power should be exercised with kindness, meekness, persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, and unfeigned love. I’ve been in many discussions of this revelation that have enlightened me as to how to do this, but in all those discussion never once has anyone pointed out that the revelation also explains the blessing that will come to the person who exercises power with kindness and meekness. The blessing is found in verse 42 where it explains that doing this this “shall greatly enlarge the soul.”

I’ve thought a lot about what it means to have your soul "greatly enlarged" and I like the idea. I’ve spent a life-time trying to keep my body from "enlarging," but I don't have to do that with my soul. My soul should be as large as I can get it. Feasting on the original soul food, the scriptures, (no dieting allowed here!) is one way, and now I’ve learned another which is part of what it means to Live in Truth. By using my authority as a mother, wife, teacher, Church worker, etc. with meekness and gentleness I also enlarge my soul.

So here’s to a future of soul enlargement!

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