Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You!

I am so thankful for the people in my life who show me how to live in Truth; people who accept what life gives them and then make the most of it. I see such people all around me, but especially I watch them week after week when I go to Church. An always smiling woman confined to a wheel chair. A mother who cares diligently and happily for a severely handicapped child. A man fighting cancer. And a myriad of others who face job losses, health problems, family relationship problems, rebellious children, or mental health issues of family members. 

The resiliency of the human spirit amazes me, but even more amazing is observing how one person’s resiliency strengthens us all. To all of you who are struggling and at the same time staying in the Realm of Truth, I thank you. You not only succeed in your own endeavors, but you strengthen me and all the people around you. You add to the goodness of the world, and thereby make the world a better place for all us. 

Thank you. Thank you.

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SuSu said...

Thank you for your goodness and insight. It has brought greater truth to my life.