Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BYU Education Week is Coming

Brigham Young University Education Week is fast approaching (August 15-19). This year I am teaching three classes and am very excited about it. On Monday I will be teaching a new two hour class on the subject of “Faith Works by Words.” I’ve been doing the research on the relationship of words and faith for the past two years and this will be the first time I’ve shared what I’ve been learning. They also asked me to do the lecture on the “Life of C. S. Lewis” on Monday afternoon.

During the Tuesday to Friday classes I will be teaching “'Come What May and Love It'--But How?” which are the Living in Truth principles, and “The Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis.” On Tues. the Lewis class will repeat the Monday lecture on the life of Lewis and the following days I’ll do classes on the fiction, non-fiction, and finally the Chronicles of Narnia.

It is going to be a fun week and I hope to see you there!

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Becky Rose said...

Wish I could come!