Monday, July 18, 2011

With a Few Tears

View looking into the apple orchard at the Smith Farm.
 It is a sad day. I have loved every minute I’ve spent here. Last year when we left I knew we would be coming back again, but this year I don’t know if I will ever see this place again and that thought stabs in my heart. It is a wound that is not going to heal easily. The last two days we haven’t done much except soak in the feelings and sights.

Saturday we worked the afternoon shift then went to dinner. Yesterday we went to Church and had to leave after the Sacrament because we were needed at the Smith farm. My first station was the Cooper shop which is my very favorite station. Once more I was able to bear testimony of the miracles that occurred there. After our shift ended we went back to the hotel for a quick sandwich and then returned to the Farm where we met D1 and her family and were able to spend a couple hours with them showing them the farm and telling them the stories of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his family. Being there with people I love so much was a beautiful way to end our stay here.

Today we pack up and travel home where all of our children except D1 are waiting for us for a family reunion! I'm leaving the peace of the Grove and entering the chaos of big family adventures! What a life!
Thanks for coming along on this journey with me, but my prayer is that every one of you will at some point get to experience this for yourselves. My words don't do it justice.


Cathy Bubert said...

Thank you for sharing your Palmyra experience with all of us. I have really felt the Spirit of that sacred place. Heavenly Father was certainly in the details of the restoration! Hope you enjoy a great family reunion!

Mike and Julie said...

What a special experience, and returning to family - what could be better! Safe travels.