Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Provo, Utah, has one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the nation called the Freedom Festival. For the last week all kinds of activities have been going and we have been celebrating. Saturday we attended the booths and children's art yard and that night watched the fireworks. This morning D4, her son Landon, and I went to the Balloonfest. The air currents made it impossible to launch the hot air balloons, but many of them filled the balloons without taking them airborne. What a colorful sight!

One tethered balloon, the Stars and Strips, did rise with the American flag and the huge crowd Pledged Allegiance and then listened to the National Anthem. I was touched as I saw the flag waving above me and heard so many voices fill the air with the Pledge by what that flag represents.

I've traveled in many foreign countries and I lived in Europe for a year. My husband served in the army during the Vietnam war and all these experiences besides my own study of American history have filled me with a gratitude for what I have in this country. Today I am especially thankful for my freedom and for the blessings that freedom brings into my life.

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