Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Loving It!

I had 38 people for dinner yesterday and survived! It was D2s birthday and so fun to enjoy the day with her. I don’t get the chance to celebrate with my children or grandchildren very often so that was extra special.

These past few weeks have taught me a lot more about Living in Truth. Palmyra was a wonderful experience, but it was also a lot of physical work. Then we arrived home at 10:30 pm and the next morning awoke to more work—getting ready for a family (that means 42 people!) vacation. Then four days of “vacation,” and back home again. Overall it has been a fantastic, fun family time that I wouldn’t change a moment of, but you can’t get that many people together in close quarters without a few problems which means that I’ve had time to practice the Truth Tools! 

Usually humor is one of my best tools. I can see the humor in anything, but being tired and ornery, my sense of humor was suddenly inoperative and I had to use a few different tools. I’m also learning that I’m a person who just needs to vent. For me verbally expressing all I’m feeling is like letting off steam in a pressure cooker—it eliminates an explosion. The problem is finding someone who you can vent to and not transfer all the negative energy to them and cause them more stress. I’m experimenting with ways to do that, but Mr. C is getting good at just listening to me without preaching at me. The preaching only makes things worse. All I need to do is vent. I know I’m wrong. I know what I need to do. I know! But I just need to verbally express everything to get it out of my system.

In short, I think that learning to Live in Truth is a lifelong process, but the more I practice doing it the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the more rewarding it is. Come what may (be that chaos, tension, or whatever!) and find a way to LOVE it. That’s the formula for happy living--that's Living in Truth.

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