Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Wonder-Children

art by Karen Tribett

The last of my children left today. Physically it is a relief. I don’t have the stamina I once had to keep up with all of this activity. But it is also a bit sad to have them go. The good thing is that I now have some wonderful memories of playing games with my wonder-children, of seeing their excited faces as they participated in the activities, and of watching them get to know and help each other. 

Yesterday I woke up very sick—not getting to bed on time has taken its toll!—but being sick has given me time to reflect on what fantastic children and wonder-children I have. When a child woke up he or she didn’t just get hugs from mother, he got hugs from every aunt and uncle. When a child needed something he didn’t have to go find mother because whoever was nearest met the need. I’m sure that all 24 of the wonder-children who were here have gone away feeling loved by every aunt and uncle they have in this family. 

That thought makes my heart sing!

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Anonymous said...

So Beautifully said. :-)