Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goog Day

I am in Seattle! We had a wonderful day yesterday with D8 and her family sight seeing in Seattle. We walked through the underground city listening to the tour guide the very interesting history of buildings being built upon sawdust and tidal plains and we saw the results of sunken floors that rose and fell like waves of the sea.

We ate on the wharf and then walked through Pike's Place Market and enjoyed the vendors barking their wares and the street entertainment.

Most of all we enjoyed the incredible hospitality of  D8 and her good husband. They spoil us! And the best--the grand child children. Wonderful day!

Today we board the ship and depart for Alaska.


Mike and Julie said...

What a great day! You'll love Alaska!

Barb Elder said...

I love Seattle!! Have a wonderful cruise. Love ya!!