Thursday, July 26, 2012

Triumph Over Chaos

Ready or not I leave in two hours for California to speak at a Women's Conference in the Hanford Stake on Saturday. Yesterday as I was working on my talks everything went wrong that could possibly go wrong. I couldn't find my past notes. Both of my computers refused to work and so did the printer. I couldn't find my scriptures! (I have seven sets, but I couldn't find the scriptures I travel with.) I kept getting interrupted and I couldn't find my flash drive with the PowerPoint presentation that I had made on it. And that's just a few of the things that went wrong! It was a terrible, no good, horrible day.

After all that chaos I'm not sure I'm prepared, but I am more convinced than ever that Living in Truth works. I made it through the ordeal without being vexed or upset which if you know my past you know is monumental. That kind of thing used to destroy me. But I kept telling myself that everything is going to be fine and I stayed out of the Pit of Illusion and made it through the day with little pain. This weekend may not be the best prepared lecture I've ever given, but it will be backed up with a lot of conviction. Hopefully that will communicate something.

Everything is exactly as it should be. I'm going to trust and enjoy the present moment!


Wendi said...

I'm sorry you had a terrible, no good, horrible day. That sounds miserable. I'm glad you made it through the day. Good luck on your presentations! :)

anna ramos said...

Well let me tell you that I am one of the sisters from Hanford Stake in California that saw you and heard you talk in the chapel and in the Relief Society Room and let me tell you that your bad day did not stop you from inspiring me into making some changes in my life that I have been searching for along time in healing from past experiences. You talk in the Gift-Faith class was very inspiring.

I am the one that asked for your website and you give me a package. I am going to sit down and see how I can apply it to my life.

Thank you so fun for coming to our women's conference.