Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watch Out For Un-Truth Tools

When exploring how to Live in Truth we’ve talked a lot about the Truth Tools which are tools that help us alleviate negative mental chatter and negative emotions so that we can enjoy the peace that Living in Truth gives us. But there are counterfeits to the Truth Tools that many people seek after and recommend that we need to beware of. This Un-Truth Tools may for a moment seem to relieve the negative mental chatter and the negative emotions, but with the Un-Truth Tools as soon as the activity stops the negative emotion returns and usually with more intensity.

So what are some of these tools? Drugs, exercise, sex, food, career attainment, sleeping, travel, shopping, entertainment, sports, and pleasurable activities such as massage or spa treatments. Notice that none of these things is bad when used properly. They all have very valuable places in our lives. But the problem occurs when they are used as the source of happiness instead of as an aid to well-being. Then they are like a band aid; they temporarily mask the problem but they don’t solve the problem. As a matter of fact, they can be harmful in that they divert us from the time and thought necessary to analyze, recognize, and solve the problem.

While a slight diversion to help us get our head on straight is often necessary, and is one of the purposes of the Truth Tools, diversion that purports to be the solution, to be the happiness, will never work and will often create more problems.

The adversary has a counterfeit to every true principle, so watching out for and avoiding Un-Truth Tools can save us a lot of pain.


Wendi said...

This is a good point. Thanks for making us more aware. :)

anna said...

I am glad I went to the Hanford Stake, CA Women Conference on 7/28/12. You mention the Truth Tool in your talk and only had time to mention two of them. It is great to get the rest and see that what you said it true, I tend to see where shopping or entertainment is like a band aid and only temporary. Thank you for your website.