Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Light Side

As I walked out to the mail box this morning I was thinking how nice it would be to receive something besides an advertisement, bill, or wedding invitation in the mail. A note from a friend. Some surprising news. Anything! But alas all that was there were bills and advertisements.

As I walked back into the house I considered some alternatives. (Remember when you Live in Truth you can fix it or live with it and since I didn't want to live with it I was contemplating how to fix it.) One thing I thought of was to write myself nice letters and mail them. Or I could write a friend and ask her to write back. I can order things off the Internet and have them mailed to me.

I think my budget and my friends like the write myself option, but now I have to think of a way to get the letter to myself to be a surprise.

I guess you can tell I'm in a funny mood! Hope you're laughing along with me. Have a wonderful Truth day!


Camille said...

I was just talking to a friend today wondering why I became so excited when the mailman passes by because usually it was filled with bills and advertisement. We talked about purchasing postcards and mailing them to each other! Now that I read your post, I'm thinking it's an idea I need to act upon! Thanks

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Thanks for the ratification of my thinking! I do think it is a good idea. Maybe as Visiting Teachers we ought to all send out post cards of encouragement and brighten each others' days!