Friday, September 14, 2012


You all know that you can change shoes in a matter of seconds. If the shoes don't tie or buckle you can change them faster than you can say, "One shoe off, other shoe on!" What we don't stop to remind ourselves about often enough is that we can change our mind even faster than we can change our shoes.

This means that when we encounter a situation that is vexing us we have a choice: Change the situation or learn to like it. Too often we go through life feeling trapped without realizing we have options. You don't like the task ahead of you? You have options:
(1) Don't do it.
(2) Hire someone else to do it.
(3) Trade a task with someone else.
(4) Find a way to enjoy it.

Now, don't dismiss that last option too fast. It is surprising how many ways there are to turn an unpleasant task into a pleasant task. Once again there are options:
(1) Make doing it into a game.
(2) Change the negative chatter you are thinking into positive chatter.
(3) Find something good about the job and concentrate on that.
(4) Get someone to help you. Good company makes a lot of things easier.
(5) If possible listen to a good talk or story while you work. It makes the time go faster.

When Living in Truth you always have options!

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Wendi said...

I appreciate you giving us examples like that. :)